Frequency Attunement... A Journey into Sound and Light

Frequency Attunements

Frequency and Energetic Attunement Sessions Available $40.00  

All sessions are 2 hrs. and include an Energy Calibration, Vibrational Alignment and Spiritual Coaching.

All New Very Powerful Energetic Attunements.... 
By expanding your conscious awareness beyond time and form, you will journey to sacred locations, experiencing the energy of that time and place. You will then receive an attunement from one of the masters, who will bestow upon your energetic field the symbols and rays that hold specific energies and qualities.  You will carry this with you always and have constant access to this energy, just like a reiki attunement. 

Each session will utilize specific crystals and grid work to create a powerful resonant field within you, allowing you to fully integrate this attunement. And by incorporating the latest technology we will subtly deposit celestial filaments of colored light & sacred geometry on to the source code of your inner temple, awakening within you a feeling and awareness of your own soul essence throughout your being.
Your vibratory field will continue to be entrained even after the session has completed. And does not need to be repeated ever!  Once you are attunement to that energy all you need to do is focus your attention for a moment and it will be available for you.

1: Journey to Lemuria to receive the Lavender Ray Attunement of Quan Yin. 
This attunement carries with it the energy of Lemuria, the Ascended Master Quan Yin and the divine feminine. Utilizing the amplifying quailty of crystals we will employ, The Lemurian Crystals, to imbue your vibratory field with that energy and your loving intentions.  Drawing to you like frequencies, so that you may fully experience and integrate this attunement.  With attuning your vibratory field to these higher frequencies we call forth Lady Quan Yin who holds the Lavender Ray and the Lotus Jewels. This energy holds the qualities of Transformation, Transmutation, Purification & Divine Alchemy. The Lavender Ray is a 5th dimensional energy and opens you up to being more loving, kind and compassionate with yourself and others.  There are 8 Lotus Jewels available at this time, which we will review and incorporate one with your session. Jewels: Karmic Release * Forgiveness * Divine Wisdom * Earth Healing * Heavenly Love * Solar Light * Compassion * Ruby Light

2: Journey to Atlantis to receive the Turquoise Ray Attunement of Amai.
The Turquoise Ray is a channeled system given to us by the angel-essence Amai. This angelic energy has been given to us, as an addition to the 12 Divine Rays, so it can carry us directly into the new energies.  This ray is closely associated with Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Hilarion, as well as the Atlantean and Dolphin energies. So this energy attunement will enhance your ability to communicate from one heart to another and allow you to ride the waves of life without creating congestion within your energy field.  The Turquoise Ray will invite you to be of joy and love with self, others, community and the planet we are allowed to occupy.  This attunement with the Turquoise Ray will enhance your ability to go within, gaining trust with your inner wisdom or inner voice, knowing you may easily access this divine wisdom of the one self. 

Attuning Your Endocrine System.....Enhansing your ability to become a clear, stabile receiver & transmitter of the Divine Light. 

Activating Your Light Body.... By reconciling the emotions that have caused you distortion you elevate the light of self, or as you may understand it to be your light body.

1: Inter-dimensional Chamber of Light:
During this journey into Sound and Light you will experience an inter-dimensional chamber of light which has been designed to enhance & strengthen your feeling and awareness of your own soul essence throughout your body.

2: The Star Gate Chamber Journey:
This journey into sound and light will create an exciting acceleration of your Self. The Star Gate chamber is like a multidimensional womb that has been set up energetically so that you can move into another level of initiation with your own light Self.


Waterfall Of Light... Journey through an enchanted forest to a magical waterfall of light.  Take in the healing water transmuting  discordent thoughts and emotions into those of love...light and harmony.

Angelic Alignment....
 Is designed to facilitate a  clearing of stuck energy within the spine so that the flow of divine life force energy is encreased.  You will also have an opportunity to meet your guardian angel or perhaps your higher self. As you discover and experience these higher light frequencies you will gain confidence in your ability to integrate the energy's of the 5th dimension.

Vision Quest.... This journey is designed to support an out of body experience and your axiatonal alignment...aligning you with your divine blueprint. Setting your intention and then focusing your attention you will have the opportuntiy to embarq upon your vision quest. Allowing you to discover your life purpose as well as enhancing your ability to discover your multi-dimensional self.

Benefits of a Frequency Attunement:

  • Maintain your alignment with the Divine Power within you and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth… no matter what is going on around you.
  • Aligning with your Divine Blue Print,  so you may express more of who and what you truly are.
  • Gracefully and gently integrate the powerfully high frequencies of the nameless light at the cellular level
  • Free yourself from the limiting grip of your lower human ego
  • Activate the  "I AM" Presence in your physical,  mental, and   emotional bodies
  • Initiating the light of self by reconciling all distortion you may have caused with limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts.  Allowing yourself to finally view the world through the eyes of your heart.
  • Create and enjoy your life experience, in all areas of your life: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially
  • Experience the freedom, empowerment, and ecstasy of your Higher Consciousness and obtain joy in every cell, Ignite excitement for your life and purpose.
  • Assistance in Releasing:
    1. Interference
    2. Energy blocks & Coagulated Energy
    3. Individual & collective lower, denser frequencies related to the 3rd. dimensional band width of energies.
    4. Tension, tiredness and Toxicity
 Healing Sessions:

1: Releasing the Fear and Emotional Trauma.....

This journey supports you vibrationally in releasing the fear & past trauma so that the lower frequencies are transmuted through your chakra system. 

2: Journey to Shamballa to receive a Shamballa Reiki Multi-Dimensional healing from the Masters of Shamballa. This is an ancient healing system from Atlantis and is very powerful because of its nature to reach across all dimensions.  Clearing distortion & trauma we unintentionally created.
Shamballa is referred to as multi-Dimensional because it is focused on wholeness. It is not only a system for healing, it is a way of accelerating your spiritual development. 

Shamballa is a blend of several different types of energy:

     1. Universal Life Force (Reiki) Energy is the energy that runs through all beings, including the "objects" all around you.  It is the energy that creates and gives life and this includes "objects" since they are made of this energy as well.  Everyone and everything is made up of this energy.  It is love energy.  Love is the fuel.

 2. Mahatma Energy is also known as the I AM presence. It is the awareness of the Self, as the Source.  This does not mean that you are disconnected from everyone else; as a matter of fact it is saying that the key to Oneness is inside of you.  It is a recognition of who you truly are, your Wholeness.  This is one of the most powerful energies of Pure, Unconditional Love.  It is said that this is a new energy for humankind available since the harmonic convergence to bring to Earth a new way of being. When you reach inside yourself and find the Wholeness, the Oneness, you realize that everyone else is a part of you.  And you are a part of everyone and everything else.  All is One.

3. The Energy of the Ascended Masters.  Ascended Masters are beings who have completed their reincarnational cycles & noe exist in spirit form as teaches of humanity.  Their purpose is to assist others in their spiritual evolution and the evolution of the planet as a whole.

Journey to Egypt

 To receive a 3rd. Eye & Pineal Gland Activation.  You will journey to Dendari, the place of the ancient Mystery School. We will call forth the energy of Thoth and Isis to assit with this activation, to enhance your intuition and your ability to access higher wisdom more readily.

As we evolve as multi-dimensional beings the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information. Allowing for personal limitation to be washed away as mastery is being seeded.

With this session you will receive the axiatonal line connection plus empowering ascension codes, vibrationally imprinted within your energy field to assist you with restoring the memory of divine perfection.

I invite you to experience the "Star Gazers Journey" Meditation, it has been designed to entrain your crystalline being to resonate to a 528 Hz Frequency.  The meditation will assist you with opening up to new possibilities and perhaps helping you connect with your higher self a bit more effectively and with greater ease. 

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