Frequency Attunement... A Journey into Sound and Light

It's All About Frequency

Ascension is described as consciously increasing the vibratory rate of the physical and the other subtle bodies.

 In the process of becoming enlightened and undergoing self-purification, the biology of the body is altered allowing our vibratory rate or frequency to increase. The Light Body is Being Activated.

The light within every electron of the physical body glows brighter. It expands its radiation to such a degree that the physical form becomes first, self-luminous; next transcends the gravity pull of earth, and then is able to express consciously and at will in any octave of vibration....  dimension or realm.

Everything within the universe is energy, ever changing.... ever moving and vibrating and forever becoming.                         

We have the ability to interpret vibration and we can denote the different rates of vibration through the languishing of frequencies or Hz.

Our journey here on planet earth is to master our frequencies with thought and emotion,  manifesting our heart desire through the heart energy with our feelings. Allowing us to become the creators we were born to be.

What is Ascension?

                                                                               Ascension is the process by which all sentient life evolves. 

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